Brigid’s Grove is your go-to source for birth art, goddess jewelry, ceremony kits and supplies, birth altar figurines, earth-based cycle celebration, and publications and workshops for intentional, creative, spiritual living.


We help you celebrate lifecycle transitions and pivotal moments through art and ceremony. We use visual, artistic expression as a means of story-telling and experience-sharing. We create art and ceremony in order to “tell about it.”


Looking for blessingway gifts, birth altar figurines, presents for midwives or doulas, or for mother blessing ceremony ideas? You’ve come to the right place!


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11137152_1646042132274669_77655098812260069_nBrigid is a Triple Goddess of Fire: the fire of poetic inspiration and creative voice, the fire of health and fertility, and the fire of metalwork and crafts. Her name was chosen as inspiration for our family’s business because of how perfectly these three purposes match our interests and goals.

Brigid is also known as the Christian saint who protects women, infants, and midwives. Brigid’s ancient monastery in Ireland was named Kildare, which means Church of the Oak Grove. Since our own home in Central Missouri is nestled among the oaks, Brigid’s Grove was born. cropMolly 211