Brigid is a Triple Goddess of Fire: the fire of poetic inspiration and creative voice, the fire of health and fertility, and the fire of metalwork and crafts. Her name was chosen as inspiration for our family’s business because of how perfectly these three purposes match our interests and goals. Brigid is also known as the Catholic saint who protects women, infants, and midwives. Brigid’s ancient monastery in Ireland was named Kildare, which means Church of the Oak Grove. Since our own home is nestled among the oaks, Brigid’s Grove was born. 



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In 2013, Molly attended a women’s spirituality festival for which Brigid was honored as the goddess of the year. She wrote the following poem in honor of this gathering:


She of the Sacred Oak
She of the Sacred Flame
She who ignites our creativity
and who forges our passions.

Sacred smith
shaping lives
in the cauldron of destiny

She who spills forth
in the language of poetry
and falling leaves
She who flickers from the candle’s flame
and the blacksmith’s coal
She whose hands open to receive new life and new ideas
She who can be called upon
in any hour
of any day

Sacred Guardian
keeper of flame
hope and hearts.

You are summoned to us
to enliven our work
to guide our steps
and to inspire our message.

May it be so.