Brigid's Grove

Art & Ceremony for Your Creative Spirit

“Any time you contact the shop you can feel the love and care they have for their items and customers.” –YLR

“Exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t have anything to help empower me last pregnancy but this should help. Love it!” –D.B.

“Absolutely awesome. I’m brimming with inspiration for my Red Tent!” -J.

“This kit is beyond amazing. So many treasures and helpful ideas for our red tent. I am also doing the immersion which is bonding me closer with the deck of cards. This is worth every penny!” –K.R.

“I am not sure words can describe the joy my heart feels when looking at this beautiful moon goddess.” –K. R.

Healing and Sweeping Clean…

“The wind chime plays its notes softly,  it mingles with the songs of the birds. I am silent, reading in the sun, or am I? — my mind is always loud with sound. Rumi wrote: ‘your old life was a frantic running from silence.’ I am trying to move toward quietness...

New Lammas Products & Mid-Year Review

Listen. My heart overflows with abundance and gratitude. I know the magic of golden kernel plump berry rich ground. The symphony of wheat and corn And what it feels like to dance sunlight into wine. We have some new Lammas (First Fruits) Story Goddesses and Gods to...

Things We Do In the Red Tent: Questions for Connection

She holds the vision. She holds the space. She holds an ancient wisdom. Encoded in her cells, written on her bones… The mantle settles around her shoulders. Sinking into belly, bones, and blood, until she knows, without a doubt, that this is who, she really is…...


A wisdom whispers from the Dreamtime calling me to ceremony and song it flickers in the firelight of ancient memory rippling along my spine dancing through my fingertips. What is it that calls me in the night? I look up She’s pouring tea across from me a patterned...

At Brigid’s Grove, we create original goddess sculptures and pendants, red tent resources, ceremony kits, birth art sculptures, mother blessing gifts, and blessing bundles. We also publish Womanrunes book and card sets and offer powerful online trainings in june-2016-110Red Tent facilitation and Practical Priestessing. We welcome you to join our free Creative Spirit Circle and share your gifts and stories in a welcoming, supportive, creative community!

We feel so privileged and honored and humbled to be invited into your lives in some small way. To witness some of your triumphs and tender places, your courage and your wounded places. To hear your stories and to be a part of your diverse journeys. You invite us into your lives. Into your hands, hearts, and homes. We join you at your women’s circles, your mother blessings, your red tents, your family rituals, your personal ceremonies, your rites of passage. You allow us on your altars, into your homes and living room, your bedrooms, hospital rooms, birth centers, and offices. It is a sacred trust.

Looking for Story Goddesses, unique goddess pendants, ceremony kits, birth altar figurines, presents for midwives or doulas, ceremony ideas, mother blessing ideas, or red tent resources? You’ve come to the right place!

Brigid’s Grove is your source for original Story Goddess sculptures, goddess jewelry, mini goddesses, sacred adornment, Womanrunes sets, priestess resources, ceremony kits and supplies, earth-based cycle celebration, Red Tent and women’s circle resources, blessingway gifts, and publications and workshops for intentional, creative, spiritual living. We are committed to ceremonially and meaningfully honoring life passages and transitions. We share beliefs in the importance of sharing our stories, the core value of life’s experiences, that pivotal life moments are worthy of respect, and the power of meaningful ceremony to honor our unique journeys and rites of passage.