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The Creative Spirit Circle offers you three primary resources (all free and packed with resources!):

This month in a very brief edition of the Creative Spirit Circle Journal we offer you a Solar Eclipse Ritual Kit.

In case you missed it before, in the previous edition of the journal we also offered:

  • a guided First Fruits ritual
  • a Lammas correspondences handout provided by Circle member Alice Dilts
  • a guided Sekhmet heart meditation

Click here to access your First Fruits materials.

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Recent past gifts:

Past issues of the Creative Spirit Circle Journal:

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In news this month:

Our powerful Practical Priestessing class has been extended and expanded into an even more in-depth, magical, potent training. Now six months july-2017-064long and includes an in-person retreat, ritual and initiation ceremony near my home in Missouri, in the forest and beside the river!

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Other New Products:triple-goddess

We are also pleased to introduce a Kali Yantra mandala to our assortment of handmade Goddess Grids

These are perfect for using as crystal grids, with our mini goddesses, for magical workings, on an altar space, for contemplation or decoration, and for card layouts or flat lays (like for instagram). Mark draws all of our mandalas (except the labyrinth) himself and then moves them into our laser software where they are then cut onto wood.

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Other news:

Ongoing membership in our Creative Spirit Circle is FREE and packed with beautiful, bountiful resources, including:

If you’re looking for beautiful goddess sculptures, ceremony kits, and priestess resources, visit our etsy shop.

And, if you’re ready to explore Womanrunes and bring their powerful magic into your life, you can get your set here.

Thank you for being part of this work–for sharing your joys and stories with us. It is a sacred trust.

Molly & Mark (+ family) 

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Membership in our Creative Spirit Circle is FREE and packed with beautiful, bountiful resources, including a companion online classroom, free Womanrunes e-course, Goddess Studies and Ritual class, weekly virtual circles in our Facebook group, Red Tent resources, blessing posters and mandalas, access to Divine Imperfections sculptures at 50% off, and your monthly Creative Spirit Circle Journal filled with resources such as ceremony outlines, book recommendations, articles, sneak peeks, and special freebies.