Free Mini Classes

wintergoddessNew! Winter Magic class: This class will take you on a nurturing, magical journey through what can be a busy holiday season. This class will enrich your life with magical practices, projects, prompts, ceremonies, rituals, and experiences that will help you infuse your holiday season with meaning, magic, and life instead of a list of to-dos. And, we also have a free 2018 Calamoondala how-to mini class.Free-Introduction-to-Womanrunes-with-Molly-Remer-on-Mystery-School-of-the-Goddess-986x1024

We are pleased to offer several ongoing free classes:

Introduction to Womanrunes (ongoing)

Offered through our online class platform at Mystery School of the Goddess, this free course introduces you to Womanrunes, a powerful divination and inner guidance system originally created by Shekhinah Mountainwater and then expanded by Molly Remer. In this course you will learn some basics about Womanrunes as well as several potent practices using the runes, how to make your own, and how to do a simple reading.

 Goddess Studies and Ritualimg_3621

Are you a goddess woman? Find out as you take a two week journey into goddess studies, ritual, and core thealogical questions that help you articulate your personal understanding of the Goddess as well as explore ritual theory, everyday magic, and earth-centered spiritual practice! Sign up through Mystery School of the Goddess!

 How to Create a Calamoondala (begins in November 2017)

Get 2018 off to a good start as you learn how to create your own personal, powerful Calamoondala. This circular moon mandala calendar tracks the full and new moons for the year and incorporates an annual oracle and intention setting as well. Templates are included as well as step-by-step guidance on creating your own unique, circular moon calendar for 2018. With a Calamoondala we see the year as a cycle, a circle, another turn around the sun, rather than as a series of linear boxes as a graph, implying a distinct beginning and ending. Bonus: Intention Candle Tutorial + printables pack included!

 Voices from the Red Tent (will reopen in July)16700704_1863188763893337_14910511808779212_o

Join me for a reflective, empowering, thought-provoking journey into the Red Tent. A safe, encompassing, nourishing container for the “things we don’t talk about,” this course will inspire you and your women’s circle or Red Tent to discuss, explore, engage, and reflect with the many complex issues and feelings of our times. Drawing on diverse sources, this course uses quotes from writers in the fields of spirituality, feminism, self-care, and empowerment to explore many issues of womanhood, power, ritual, rites of passage, body image, and more…

Earthprayer (Will reopen on 3/21/18)

This daily ecourse takes you on a journey through a 14 day practice of connecting to Gaia. It will offer you nourishment, insight, and personal growth as well as an opportunity to connect with other creative spirits from around the world. Use coupon code “freeclass” to take the class for free (does not include book or pendant).