Red Tent Initiation Program

12036397_1667128160166066_8284211676923229933_nRed Tent Initiation Program Details

Note: this class is now available on a rolling enrollment basis. You will still have access to the sisterhood of other students in our Facebook group, but the course will begin for you whenever you sign up, rather than waiting for a scheduled group of students.

Following the spiral path of maiden, mother, and crone…

Do you hear the call of the Red Tent?

Do you envision gathering with other women in sacred space?

Do you want to feel capable and prepared to step into your power as a leader and facilitator?

Do you want to take a journey into a deeper understanding of yourself?

Do you want to reach out to other women in sisterhood and co-create a powerful circle experience?

This online course is both a powerful, personal experience AND a training in facilitating transformative women’s circles. You will listen to your deep self, access your inner wisdom and prepare to step into circle as guardian and guide for other women who are hungering for depth, connection, restoration, and renewal in today’s busy world.

Do you thrive in a small group atmosphere with lots of support, interaction, feedback, and personal attention?

This intensive program allows for deep connection and dedicated attention.

While the overarching theme of the course is the Red Tent, this course is completely applicable to facilitating women’s spirituality circles, ceremonies rituals, and retreats and will prepare you for womanspirit priestess work in a variety of settings.

Are you captivated by the concept of “restoring women to ceremony”?

Your online experience includes…

  • A ten week immersive journey over the course of the spiral path
    • Knowing Self (Maiden Unit)
    • Might of Creation (Mother Unit)
    • Gathering the Women (Crone Unit)
  • Each unit includes a ceremony, meditations, discussion questions, journaling exercises, projects, and prompts designed to take you deep into the Red Tent process.
  • Live interaction, support, feedback, and conversation via a private Facebook group

And, do you want actual, physical, tangible resources for doing this work, rather than a collection of pdfs?

With your registration, you receive an incredible resource package valued at more than $100 including:

  • 74 page resource book: Restoring Women to Ceremony, The Red Tent Resource Kit, written exclusively for our Red Tent rtkit1Kit and Initiation Program. In this collection of essays and ritual resources, you will find complete Red Tent “recipes,” circle leadership basics, moontime musings, and readings, quotes, and poems to help you facilitate a rich, inviting, welcoming, creative space for the women of your community.
  • Womanrunes Book and Card set: used throughout the program for personal guidance and self-development. And, perfect for ongoing use in an inspiration and renewal corner at your Red Tent Circle.
  • Red Tent Goddess Meditation Sculpture: symbolic of self-care and of both receiving and giving (two styles available, you can specify or we will select one for you).
  • Carnelian Pendulum
  • Moontime pendant with silver-tone, solid crescent moon charm
  • Red altar cloth
  • Red organza bag to store your resources
  • Altar Candle
  • Head wreath kit and tutorial
  • Special Red Tent Circle Leader initiation gift (to be opened only upon program completion!)
  • Red silken cord
  • Spiral goddess pendant

After your process is complete you will also receive:

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Ritual Recipe Kit e-book
  • Circle-ready digital files of the rich meditations and insightful readings used in the program12032104_1669017496643799_1181529878442129072_n
  • Ongoing support and guidance through continued participation in our private Facebook group
  • Opportunity to serve as a Red Tent Priestess assistant in our other online courses.

Have questions? Check out the FAQ!

This program is a phenomenal bargain at only $400 for everything included above!

Registration (including payment plans) is open via Mystery School of the Goddess.

What People are Saying:

“The Red Tent Initiation Course is an experiential program, with hands on learning and creative exercises. With this course, you’re not11890947_1658752111003671_3875428907499186114_n just ‘taking the course’ you are being completely initiated in to the Red Tent experience. Molly is a wonderful teacher and she provides a lot of resources and support to guide you through. If you’re being called to lead Red Tents or if you are looking for additional support and resources for your Red Tents I highly recommend this course!”

–Eveline, The Storymidwyfe’s Cauldron

“I love feeling part of a wider and international circle of women. Thank you so much Molly Remer for running this course so sacredly, mindfully and lovingly.”

–Elaine, Red Tent Moon Lodge

“This has been a fabulous course. The work has had real meaning for me, I’ve learned so much, I’ve been honored to be able to witness the experiences of some pretty fabulous women…I’ve beautified my environment with goodies we received from Molly…and things I created in our assignments, connected with and appreciate even more the moon energy…and am grateful for the how this course has affected me. Thank you Molly for offering this, and thank you sisters for sharing.

I do also want to thank Molly for being an involved, thorough, responsible leader. I appreciated how you communicated clearly expectations, everything was sent out in a timely manner, no question was left unanswered, and the material was professional and beautiful.


I have sat with this email in my inbox, waiting, waiting to know what to say. How to thank. In a way that is meaningful and reflects how deeply I feel gratitude for the magic and medicine that we have made here.

But, as the days go by, I didn’t want you to think I have not received the mail. So here is my necessarily inadequate response:

Thank you Molly. 

Thank you. Thank you.

Jessica M Starr
storyweaver. poet. wildwoman. 

“This course has blessed me in so many ways, and will continue to bring blessings into my life, and the lives of women in my community. Thank you for being a wonderful facilitator, and for knowing when to push, and when to listen. 

You, my friend are a skillful leader.”

Jes H.

Having been a follower of Molly’s work for a number of years I was excited to see that she was offering the Red Tent Initiation Program and it did not disappoint. Molly is real. She knows this work intimately, it is her life purpose, and it shows through the depth of the experience she offers and the sheer breadth of materials she draws upon for this Red Tent Initiation Program.

I have been leading women’s circles for a few years now and wondered how much I would have to learn from this, but I was pleasantly surprised. Throughout the program Molly shares not just idealistic notions of what Red Tents are or should be, but the nuts and bolts real honest magic that happens when real women get together in real spaces and share their real, unabridged stories. The program strikes a wonderful balance between practical tools, like songs and ritual recipes, and soul work, through the meditations and personal ceremonies and open sharing in the Facebook Group. By the end I felt totally prepared, spiritually, emotionally and practically, to start our own Red Tent – and excited and inspired too!

If you are thinking of creating a Red Tent in your community then this program will give you all the tools and knowledge that you need to start a wonderful circle which will benefit all the women who attend, and will ripple on strengthening your community as a whole. It is a true gift and I am really grateful and blessed to have been a part of it. Thank you Molly.

Jessica M Starr
storyweaver. poet. wildwoman.

Mollyblessingway 238 For inspiration on your own path, feel free to listen our local Red Tent Circle singing the beautiful chant Rise Up during one of our gatherings.

Experienced Red Tent Facilitator Registration is available for women who want all of the resources without the training component. Please read here for information about this option.

About Your Guide:

Molly has been “gathering the women” to circle, sing, celebrate, and share since 2008. She plans and facilitates women’s circles, seasonal retreats and rituals, mother-daughter circles, family ceremonies, and red tent circles in rural Missouri. She is an ordained priestess who holds MSW and M.Div degrees and recently finished her dissertation about contemporary priestessing in the U.S. Molly’s roots are in birth work and in domestic violence activism. She has worked with groups of women since 1996 and teaches college courses in group dynamics and human services.

Molly is the author of Womanrunes: a guide to their use and interpretation, Earthprayer, Birthprayer, Lifeprayer, Womanprayer, and The Red Tent Resource Kit, as well as three social service oriented booklets and a miscarriage memoir. She has maintained her Talk Birth blog since 2007 and writes about thealogy, nature, practical priestessing, and the goddess at her Woodspriestess blog. Molly and her husband Mark co-create original birth art, goddess sculptures, ceremony kits, and pendants at Brigid’s Grove.